Live Coverage: We’re here for the Giro

The 2015 Giro d’Italia starts in 12 days. It covers 3481.8km, starting with a team time trial on Saturday, May 9 and ending with a long flat stage on Sunday, May 31.

How are you gonna follow it, folks?

You might give a thought to joining LUG, PO’G, MOTS and even MONS for Live Coverage of each and every stage of the 2015 Giro d’Italia.

8 thoughts on “Live Coverage: We’re here for the Giro

  1. Well, game on and good on you for it. You and your crew make the races so much more fun. _I take this as an indication that the corruption in the Wyoming legislature is less than I imagined and for that I am grateful._The Giro is the prettiest of the grand tours and maybe the least predictable or maybe not, I am pretty sure that last point is contestable and this crew loves to contest almost anything._May, the best month in sport. The Giro, the French open, the Amgen tour, and least we forget, the Erie Balloon festival. Bring it. I have been counting the days.

  2. So, I finally get star billing after all these years, just like the Professor and MaryAnn.
    I cannot wait for the coverage!

  3. The First State is a team time trial starting around 3 p.m. CET, so go back to bed folks. Charles will be here all too early to start things off!

  4. < 3 pm CET > … translation for us in 'merica would be 10 AM EST or 9 AM central

  5. …. which is 8 AM for Representative Pelkey Laramie, WY. Meaning that he'll be up earlier to post all the pre-race stuff and for pre-TTT race blah blah blah.

    Start times and order at:
    Guess we'll have to wait pretty long to see if Orica can beat BMC! Go OGE!

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