A real LIFE update from LUG

It was on this day 12 years ago that I took my favorite photo of all time. It was on January 14, 2000 that my wonderful son, Philip met the little sister – whom he had named – for the first time.

They do fight and bicker now and then, but they get along pretty well. The real benefit of his naming his sister was almost immediate in her case. Once we knew what gender our new baby would be, Philip started offering up names and we immediately loved his suggestion of “Annika” (he got that one morning while watch a “Pippi Longstocking” movie). From that point forward, he would talk to her by leaning on to his mom’s belly and calling to her by name.

The day she was born, she came out screaming like a banshee. The doctors tried to calm her down, Diana tried to quiet her by nursing, I held her … and nothing worked. We then brought Philip into the room and put her in his arms and he said “Hi Annika.” She stopped crying immediately … and that’s when I took that picture. (I still get all verklempt when I think back to that.)

At 17, Philip is a grown man and getting ready to enter college next year.

That tiny little screaming bundle there has since grown into a beautiful young woman. Happy birthday, Annika!

Life can sure throw you a curve-ball now and then, but having two beautiful, healthy and whip-smart kids under your roof can sure make even the worst day seem like a minor hassle. I love both of you more than you can possibly imagine. You truly make life worth living.

4 thoughts on “A real LIFE update from LUG

  1. Happy birthday Annika! I don't know you but I have a 15 month old daughter and we just found out we're expecting another baby. I try to tell my daughter (and her unborn little brother or sister) that I love them each day and that they are the best thing that ever happened to me. Seeing pictures of Annika at 1 day and 12 years old makes me imagine what my 15 month old might look like in 11 years.

    • Oh she is clearly the biggest contributor to this fine genetic stock. Thankfully the kids get their looks from mom. They just got their height from me. Philip is 17 and 6-3. Annika turned 12 on Saturday and is 5-7.

      • My son James, who is now 15, is taller than I am, but just shy of how tall I used to be (discs!) at 5" 11"+. Phoebe has been 5' 7" for several years, but is pleased to be +/- 4 " taller than her mom. Genetics and nutrition, wonderful things. I suppose I should suppress my nutrition to bring my aspect ratio back into focus…

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